Open Life Bonney Lake at BLHS

A church for the rest of us 


Thad & Dana assembled a team by asking many of their friends through Facebook and neighbors if they would join in on the mission of Jesus in Bonney Lake; people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. During the summer of 2009 began the formation point of a launch team. They settled on a pre-launch gathering in the Huff home in the fall of 2009 and by January 10, 2010 the church had grown to need a gathering space; therefore launching a service in the Regal with 121 people (pictured above). Since the launch the church has experienced great favor and has become a key ingredient in the life of the city of Bonney Lake as they build and serve the community through moments like Love Week, Big Give and being strategically generous through various community partnerships. They have now moved the gathering to Bonney Lake High School and are enjoying the flexibility of meeting in this central space within community that allows for continued rapid growth.

OPEN LIFE BONNEY LAKE | Bonney Lake High School

Open Life Bonney Lake meets every Sunday at 10am at Bonney Lake High School inside their commons, which is on the back field side of the building. Just look for the green signs with white arrows and our logo and you will find your way just fine. We rent a couple wings which we convert into amazing kids spaces for nursery, preschool and elementary ages. We also have a viewing room for those days the kids are sick or extra emotional. All other ages will love the main service, trust us!

Open Life is just over 6 years old. In just a short amount of time we’ve grown from an idea to over 200 people across two communities. Our understanding of the Jesus mission is uncomplicated, people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The role of the church is not to complicate your life with empty rituals, but un-complicate your life through connecting, serving and sharing. We know that going to a new place can be intimidating and scary, kinda like a first date, but don’t worry, there’s tons of people who are new here and are experiencing the same emotions you are. Please know we will make every effort to ensure that your experience is worry free. We look forward to connecting with you.


what is a service like?



The band will play some loud music.




Someone will come up to pray and say hi.




A pastor will give a talk.


We’ll put connect cards and giving envelopes in the really snazzy white buckets that look like they were designed to hold fried chicken. If you use the app you can fill out the connect card HERE and give HERE all within your phone or tablet.




After about 70 minutes, it’s over…just make note of the time when everyone starts to leave. That’s the end of the service. If you would like prayer, there will be someone up front to pray with you at this time.  


Sundays | 10am

It’s simple…just follow the green a-frame signs from 410 to find our service in the commons of Bonney Lake High School (it’s on the back side where the fields are).  A sign will direct you to the parking.  Follow the friendly people from there.