We know there can never be enough answers to your questions…but let’s give it a shot.

What is The Community Big Give?

BIG GIVE is an annual event, held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. On this day we distribute groceries to targeted families in need within our community who have recieved vouchers through their childs school counselor or your local food bank. This year it’s 500 meals in Bonney Lake and 500 in Sumner.

How do I get groceries?

Vouchers for the 500 meals in your community will be distributed by school counselors and the Food Banks.  Those with a voucher are guaranteed a meal on the 19th of November, from 9am to 10am.  At 10am we will give meals to those in need who do not have vouchers until all of our meals have been distributed.  We do not guarantee that there will be extras, but we do anticipate some which will be first come first serve as supplies last.  There will be a line formed when we begin for the potential meals at 10am.

What will each family meal contain?

15lb. frozen Turkey, dinner rolls, can of corn, olives, 2 cans of green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy packet, 5 lb. bag of potatoes, box of stuffing mix, onion, celery, margarine, pie (or mix & pie shell).

What Time Do I Need To Arrive

BIG GIVE is on Saturday, November 19th, 9am to 10am.
If you have a voucher, you have a meal awaiting as long as you arrive prior to 10am at which time we open the meals to all. Make sure you show up to the location indicated on your voucher. Everything will flow quickly, no need to reserve a space in line.  If you are there between 9am and 10am with a voucher you will have a meal awaiting for you.  Those coming for the 10am portion without vouchers will be waiting in hopes of extra being available, which did exist last year (especially in Sumner).

How do I volunteer?

Go to the Volunteer page and fill out the form.  Someone from our Big Give team will contact you with details.  You can also contact us at BigGive@OpenLife.church or 253.987.6778 for additional questions.

What's the catch?

You figured us out…there is none! The Community BIG GIVE exists to Make a Difference in the lives of families in our community.  We value you and want you to feel value and be blessed this Thanksgiving!

Where is the distribution site for Big Give?

Check your voucher to be sure of the location for your meal.  We have to distribution locations and while we will honor your voucher at either location it would help us to not run out if you go to the location on your voucher.  You can find a map to your locatoin HERE.

How can I contribute financially to this event?

You or your business can make a donation by mail or on our secure online donation system provided by Open Life.  We welcome all gifts and continually strive to meet new companies that have a passion for the community to be sponsors!

Are donations tax deductible for this event?

Yes, this contribution is tax deductible to both individuals and businesses. A receipt with a tax id number will be sent to you in response to your donation.  And we can fill out any forms companies may need to process their donations.

Is there a charge for the groceries

No. If you received a voucher from your child’s school or the Food Bank, you are good to go.  The extra meals line has no charge also.  We just really love being generous!

Do I have to provide proof of income/ID

No.  If you were given a voucher, you qualify and are ready to be served by our amazing volunteers.

What if I have a large family?

We ask that you only receive 1 BIG GIVE meal per household.  If more than one family lives within the home, per the discression of the voucher distributors, you may acquire one voucher per “family”.  You may want to have someone get in the extra meals line in order to obtain additional items for your family.