Good Friday – Easter at Open Life



You’re Invited.




Good Friday Service at Open Life

Another great opportunity to celebrate how much Jesus loves us!

Join us at 6:30 pm on March 25th at Maple Lawn Elementary School for a celebration of Jesus sacrifice for us.  We believe this night of worship and reflection will prove to be a new annual tradition in your Easter celebration.  Just follow the signs and the smiling faces.  We will have all of our Kids Life spaces for this service just like on a Sunday Morning.



Good Friday Service

Maple Lawn Elementary School
6:30 pm


Maple Lawn Elementary School




what to expect?



The band will play some loud songs that reflect on the Easter message.




Someone will come up to pray and say hi.




A pastor will give a talk reflecting on the love expressed for you and me in the Easter story following an inspiring video.


We’ll put connect cards and giving envelopes in the really snazzy white buckets that look like they were designed to hold fried chicken. If you use the app you can fill out the connect card HERE and give HERE all within your phone or tablet.



After about 70 minutes, it’s over…just make note of the time when everyone starts to leave. That’s the end of the service. If you would like prayer, there will be someone up front to pray with you at this time; which just might make your Easter that much more jolly.  


Watch this moving video.

Your presence matters.
$5 per head

make a local impact


Make a difference this Easter!

Your presence will make a huge impact in our county through funding needs of the foster care industry in East Pierce County as we donate $5 for every person in attendance.  Not only that, but we will give 100% of the offering to Foster Care as well.  We are doing our part to provide for the families supporting these 1,100 children in foster care in our county.  Our goals is to give $3,000 through this one weekend which will help foster children have clothes in their new home, a suitcase, diapers or supply other tangible needs for foster families as they see fit.



You’re Invited to Easter Service too.



Easter at Open Life

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