Our Story

The story of a church that began in Bonney Lake

Sept. 2009 | Huff Home

Jan. 2010 | Launched Services in Regal Theater

March 2011 | Went Mobile, Victor Falls Elementary

August 2011 | Moved to Bonney Lake High School

December 2012 | Helped Launch Living Hope in Sumner, WA

September 2015 | Living Hope Sumner becomes Open Life Sumner

Open Life is the result of a divine interruption during a board meeting at Northwest Family Church February 10, 2009 in Auburn, WA. The Northwest Ministry Network was present asking if anyone on that church’s staff would feel the call to start a new church in Bonney Lake that would exist for those who were not in a relationship with Jesus. Thad Huff, youth pastor for 13 years at that point with the last 4 at NFC, felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit and the journey of trying to determine if it was God or the pizza began. Well, it wasn’t the pizza…having lived in Bonney Lake for 4 years at that point, Thad & Dana Huff and family accepted the shift in focus from youth in Auburn to the unchurched in their city!

Thad & Dana assembled a team by asking many of their friends through Facebook and neighbors if they would join in on the mission of Jesus in Bonney Lake; people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. During the summer of 2009 began the formation point of a launch team. They settled on a pre-launch gathering in the Huff home in the fall of 2009 and by January 10, 2010 the church had grown to need a gathering space; therefore launching a service in the Regal with 121 people (pictured above). Since the launch the church has experienced great favor and has become a key ingredient in the life of the city of Bonney Lake as they build and serve the community through moments like Love Week, Big Give and being strategically generous through various community partnerships. They have now moved the gathering to Bonney Lake High School and are enjoying the flexibility of meeting in this central space within community that allows for continued rapid growth.

We have discovered the reality of being a church movement and not just a church gathering.

The desire to reproduce churches both locally and globally took further shape on Christmas Eve 2012 when Open Life partnered with the launch of another expression of the church in Sumner, Living Hope. Pastored by Brent Osburn who apprenticed for one year with Open Life, the focus of this campus is to reach the people of Sumner with the same DNA we have been pouring into Bonney Lake for the past 5 years.  After two years of working in two close communities with the same DNA and yet realizing the fruit of 5 years compared to the fruit of a church in it’s second year, we made the shift and are allowing Living Hope to lean back into Open Life to become Open Life Sumner.  This makes a more unified effort of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus in our region.

Next is Wilkeson, as we have been invited by multiple people to come and be a presence of the gospel in that city.  The doors for serving are wide open and we are targeting a service there by fall of 2015.

In total we see at least 10 communities that will benefit from Open Life launching an expression or campus there that is living out our culture and DNA in the context of that community. We continue to apprentice and look for open doors as we lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.