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August 30th | 2pm School Supply Give 2015 Sorting Party

August 30th | 2pm School Supply Give 2015 Sorting Party

On Sunday, August 30th from 2-4pm we will sort the school supplies we have purchased and acquired through donations within the community in order to distribute them to the teachers on Thursday night September 3rd.  Click here to sign up.

September 3rd | 6:30pm School Supply Give 2015 Reveal

September 3rd | 6:30pm School Supply Give 2015 Reveal

On Thursday, September 3rd we will stand in front of the school and their families as Thad shares about the community believing in this school and the students. That Open Life has supplied 100% of the supplies that will be sitting on the platform. They will applaud and we will begin taking the supplies to their classrooms.  Click here to sign up.


number of pencils needed for SSGIVE2015

Expo Markers

black expo markers needed for SSGIVE2015

Composition Notebooks

composition notebooks for SSGIVE2015

Glue Sticks

glue sticks needed for SSGIVE2015

school supply give 2015


Open Life strategically partners with various non-profit and community organizations in Bonney Lake, WA and the surrounding region. We continually ask them to dream big as it pertains to how the community can unite in order to meet the needs that are represented within their organizations. Liberty Ridge Elementary (LRE) is one of our strategic partners, approximately 68% of the families have experienced significant financial hardship and qualify for free and reduced lunches. This is the highest of all elementary schools in the Sumner School District.

The leadership at LRE had a dream in 2013 that the community would unite to provide 100% of the school supplies needed for the 2013-14 school year, and Open Life committed to see this dream come true. What an amazing experience for Open Life and all those who partnered with us to see this vision come to completion for the last two years.

Guess what we committed to do again for the 2015-16 school year! With the help of individuals, organizations and the community uniting to make this dream happen, to make school happen! The total need financially is near $7,500 in order to supply the 562 students with the needed supplies for the school year. Open Life will match dollar for dollar the first $3,000 in donations through August 1st. Become one of our strategic partners in this event, see what it would involve from your organization CLICK HERE.

To give a tax-deductible financial contribution you can give through Open Life’s secure online giving system. 100% of all gifts go directly to the purchase of school supplies. Our expert shoppers can make your dollars go exponentially further than you can access through sale prices. GIVE NOW.

We will have a school supply list available here when we receive it from LRE.

Thanks in advance for your generosity! If you have additional questions please contact our ssgive2015 coordinator DANA HUFF.

Want to spread the word? Post about this event by using the official hashtag #ssgive2015. Just click the icon below.

The videos below explain the stories from this past year and the why & how behind the school supply give.

School Supply List

      17,304 – Pencils (24 pack)
        322 – Red Ball Point Pens
          1,530 – Sticky Notes
            264 – College Ruled Paper
              231 – Wide Ruled Paper
                775 – College Ruled Spiral Notebook (1 subject)
                  80 – Crayola Colored Pencils
                    293 – Crayola Markers
                      319 – Crayola Crayons (24 pack)
                        222 – Highlighter Orange
                          193 – Highlighter Yellow
                            214 – Highlighter Green
                              958 – Glue Sticks
                                394 – Pink block Eraser
                                  1,278 – Black Expo Markers
                                    216 – Thin Dry Erase Markers
                                      260 – Black Sharpie

                                    total cost of SSGIVE2015

                                    total donations as of 8.16.15 for SSGIVE2015

                                    total value in items acquired as of 8.16.15 SSGIVE2015