Open Life Sumner at Sumner Middle School

Together we are stronger 


Open Life helped launch one of the newest Sumner Churches, Living Hope, in December of 2012.  This church re-branded on 9.20.15 with the new name of Open Life Sumner.  The impact of uniting the two campuses has provided clarity for those searching for churches in Sumner and hoping to find something with the culture of Open Life in Bonney Lake.  See how we arrived at moving from two churches with the same DNA to one church in two locations.  Watch the video and then scroll down to read the FAQ at the base of this page.

OPEN LIFE SUMNER | Sumner Middle School

Open Life Sumner meets every Sunday at 10am at Sumner Middle School inside their commons, which is on the back field side of the building. Just look for the green signs with white arrows and our logo and you will find your way just fine. We rent a wing and gym which we convert into amazing kids spaces for nursery, preschool and elementary ages. All other ages will love the main service, trust us!

Open Life is just over 6 years old. In just a short amount of time we’ve grown from an idea to over 200 people across two communities. Our understanding of the Jesus mission is uncomplicated, people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The role of the church is not to complicate your life with empty rituals, but un-complicate your life through connecting, serving and sharing. We know that going to a new place can be intimidating and scary, kinda like a first date, but don’t worry, there’s tons of people who are new here and are experiencing the same emotions you are. Please know we will make every effort to ensure that your experience is worry free. We look forward to connecting with you.


what is a service like?



The band will play some loud music.




Someone will come up to pray and say hi.




A pastor will give a talk.


We’ll put connect cards and giving envelopes in the really snazzy white buckets that look like they were designed to hold fried chicken. If you use the app you can fill out the connect card HERE and give HERE all within your phone or tablet.




After about 70 minutes, it’s over…just make note of the time when everyone starts to leave. That’s the end of the service. If you would like prayer, there will be someone up front to pray with you at this time.  



Sundays | 10am

It’s simple…just follow the green a-frame signs from 410 to find our service in the commons of Sumner Middle School (it’s on the back side where the fields are).  Go between the school and the portables and follow the sign that directs you to the parking.  Follow the friendly people from there.


Why didn't you just combine gatherings?

Open Life has had the vision to reach every unique pocket of people within the radius of Bonney Lake where it all began back in 2010.  We can envision 10 or more gatherings lead by Pastors like Brent in Sumner who will be pastoring a community not just a church.  Coming together would be easy, but we would lose our objective of reaching Sumner then.  It would be off mission. For the church and for the calling on Brent.


Did you change the pastor?

The previous answer gave this one away, but Brent Osburn continued to be the pastor of Open Life Sumner.  Sumner is the place of his calling and the city of his passion.  He is the pastor and the lead communicator for this community.


What is different?

Living Hope and Open Life have had the same DNA due to Brent apprenticing with Open Life while preparing to start the church in 2012. So the main difference is behind the scenes systems that make the cost of ministry more balanced as well as the resources available to those attending.  More tools for you to carry out the mission of the church will be in your hands through the Open Life Church App.  The other big difference is simply the branding.


Who do I call if I have a need?

If you attend an Open Life Campus you call the campus pastor or whomever you connect with from the church.  Maybe your group, or group leader. This is the beauty of people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  We minister to each other.

How do all the other pastors fit into the equation?

Thad & Dana Huff  are the founders and lead pastors of  They lead in an amazingly collaborative style in their approach at the church and equipping people to engage their community.  They have a local and global vision for the church and potential to impact people with the hope found in Jesus.  Thad is the lead communicator at the Bonney Lake campus, but will be able to share more in Sumner as the churches grow.  Open Life Bonney Lake has a worship pastor, a student life pastor and all are very excited to facilitate a unified approach of ministry in their respective areas of influence here in sumner.  We plan to work together to collectively improve all we do while helping our communities experience Jesus.


How did worship change?

The worship at Open Life Sumner didn’t change due to this shift, but behind the scenes the organizational aspects will improve and create a more powerful environment for future worshippers to use their gifts at Open Life Sumner.


What will be different?

The website url changes, the social media links adjust, the digital giving system will change and the logo on everything will be different.  You will see new aboards on the streets helping your friends find there way to church and some great additions to the lobby that align with the look you would experience at any other campus.


Where do I go if I live in Lakeland?

Go to whatever campus is closest to the people you want to impact with the hope of Jesus.  Just pick a campus and plug into the life of the community.  Join a serve team and allow your generosity to impact the potential reach in that community.  Join a group and invite your friends to do the same.  The messages are the same at each campus the only difference will be the communicator and their unique way of communicating between the points, as we develop the talks together as a team.

Where do I go if I have youth?

Again, select the campus that makes the most sense to impact your neighbors and friends.  Jon Parker our Student Life pastor will be overseeing both campuses and facilitating the midweek group that happens still at host homes around the region.  It would be our goal to facilitate groups in all of our communities and if you are interested in serving students you should contact Jon now and express that so we can get groups going in Sumner ASAP.  We will be doing some amazing things together, conferences, camps and missions trips.  Get ready…tell students everywhere this is the place to be!


Can I alternate which campus I attend?

You can and due to convenience you may do this from time to time, but honestly this would be detrimental to your growth and the ability to invite your friends to experience Jesus with you.  Church is family and when you are deeply connected and serving is when you get the most out of it.  It’s hard to be engaged in groups and serving and yet moving from one campus to the next constantly.  Plug in and watch your life become deeply blessed.


Where does my giving go?

Open Life likes to keep things uncomplicated.  That said we will have one budget that will help facilitate the ministries of all our campuses.  We will keep track of both income and expenses from each campus to be good stewards of giving, but we are in this together.  When you give it will continue to support the works of ministry in your community, but now it will also fund the ministry happening at each campus, online and across the globe.  Things just got way bigger and it’s pretty cool to be a part of something bigger than yourself, so jump up and celebrate now.  Then go online and give. LOL


Who do I follow on social media now?

Be honest…no one asked that! But we do have social presence. @OpenLifeChurch is the general social presence, but @OLSumner is for you specifically on Instagram and Twitter.