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What is The Community Big Give?

COMMUNITY BIG GIVE is an annual event, held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. On this day we distribute groceries to targeted families in need within the Sumner-Bonney Lake, Dieringer & White River School District Communities who have signed up for a meal. This year we project 1,500 to 2,000 meals will be distributed.


What Time Do I Need To Arrive

BIG GIVE is on Saturday, November 18th, 8:30 am to Noon.
If you have signed up for a meal, you have a meal being delivered, or if you do not have a deliverable address you will have an opportunity to pick up a meal after the event at your local food bank.

How do I get groceries?

Simply sign up for a meal on this website by following the link HERE. That’s all you have to do to reserve your meal.


How do I volunteer?

Go to the Volunteer page and fill out the form.  Someone from our Community Big Give team will contact you with details.  You can also contact us at or text/call 253.987.6778 for additional questions.

What will each family meal contain?

15lb. frozen Turkey or 6-8lb Ham, dinner rolls, can of corn, olives, fruit coktail, 2 cans of green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy packet, jello, 5 lb. bag of potatoes, box of stuffing mix, onion, celery, box of margarine, frozen pie.


What's the catch?

You figured us out…there is none! The Community BIG GIVE exists to Make a Difference in the lives of families in our community. And to lift the arms of the local Food Banks and Non-Profits who work tirelessly year around to serve those facing hunger. We value you and want you to feel value and be blessed this Thanksgiving!

Together we can!


what people are saying

  • “A friend of mine who volunteered as well had experience with these events, and it was amazing to see her working for something that had impacted her in the past. Witnessing all those filled bags pile up around us as the first shift went on. It was very rewarding to see.  Best volunteer job I've ever worked!”
    Jessica2015 Bonney Lake Big Give Volunteer
  • "We helped a woman and her little boy to their car. She couldn't believe that she received a "whole meal" and said she didn't know what to expect but that she was relieved to see she didn't need anything else.  Our son came home from India last May and my husband and I were excited to make this his first volunteer opportunity (he's four). I wasn't sure how it would workout bringing him, but everyone was welcoming and encouraging of his participation. Allowing children to serve others is a such a powerful thing and we appreciated the feeling of community. That evening at dinner he told his grandparents that, "Parks went to help people outside." Love."
    Laura Handy-NimickSumner School District Employee/BG Sumner Volunteer
  • "Towards the end of the rush, one lady and her daughter came to get food. Being it was my turn to help, we took her bags and the turkey to her car. When she went to unlock her car, she noticed her car battery died and that her lights were left on. I had jumper cables in my car, and offered right away to help her. I went back to the check in stand to check out, that way I could help give her car a jump. I drive over to help her, and notice she got her car started. She was so thankful that I not only donated my time for community service hours to help people In the community just like her, but that I went out of my way to help give her car a jump. She insisted on giving me a hug for the help. She got food for her family and I got the experience to help someone out. What a great time."
    StevenStudent Volunteer
  • "Just a few nights ago, I was at a local gas station and as the gas was pumping my kids and I were watching the attendant complete some of his job duties (emptying garbage cans etc) He was working hard, but you could tell he had some physical challenges that would make his job tiring. My son (14) asked " how much would someone make doing that job?" We talked about how it would probably be tough to make ends meet doing a job like that full time. Well, out of a long line of people, guess whose groceries we got to carry? It was nice to connect with this man, hear a little about his story and bless him with a meal. He and his wife (also with physical challenges) were very grateful! Thanks for helping those who live and work in our community!"
    PollyThankful Parent/Bonney Lake Volunteer