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Big Give began in 2010 as an act of generosity from Open Life to the families of Liberty Ridge Elementary School with 150 Thanksgiving meals.  The Bonney Lake Food Bank saw the potential of bringing all of the Thanksgiving food provision events together as one, so in 2011 the Big Give took on a community-wide focus. In 2012, the Food Bank was no longer able to provide meals during the Thanksgiving Season and invited Open Life to take the lead in coordinating the distribution of Thanksgiving meals to the community. Soon, the Big Give became a region-wide event with new partnerships that included Walmart, dozens of sponsors, as well as the support of the counseling departments in the local School Districts.

When COVID hit we shifted from two physical locations to a delivery system for getting meals to those who live in the Sumner-Bonney Lake, Dieringer & White River School District Communities.  The local food banks become satellite locations following the deliveries for those who didn’t have deliverable addresses or were unavailable for delivery in order that everyone gets a meal who is experiencing need.

This event has become the community’s collective tool to supply Thanksgiving meals to those in need each year. The Community Big Give is only possible through the generous gifts of people’s time and finances. Would you consider volunteering at this year’s event and making a donation to the Community Big Give? Each complete meal only costs $35. Let’s help families have a great Thanksgiving.

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Make sure every economically challenged family has the opportunity to enjoy an excellent full Thanksgiving Meal. Currently, this represents those who live in the Sumner-Bonney Lake, Dieringer & White River School District Communities (approx. 1,500 families will receive meals).

Behind the Big Give

Let’s face it, times can be tough.  So the community is coming together to do something to meet the need for those hit the hardest through the Community Big Give.

Open Life has coordinated generous partnerships with local churches, businesses, non-profits, and schools – we are making a difference in our community because we are BETTER TOGETHER!  Give our sponsors a little love because this takes all of us to make the dream come true.