Chris Bettencourt

Chris Bettencourt

Sumner Worship Lead

Chris is another amazing addition to Open Life that has been a part of our story since almost the beginning.  He joins us as our Sumner Worship Lead.


Chris and Lindsey first came to Open Life from a craigslist post for us needing musicians in 2010 after launching the church.  They quickly found themselves following Jesus like they had never before.  They dedicated their oldest child here and have made deep roots within the church.  Three years ago Chris had the opportunity to take the lead role of music at the church he grew up in, which led them away from Open Life, but when the role at Sumner opened up we saw a chance to get a family that is a true Open Life story back to their home and join the Sumner campus team growing this important community.

We are excited for them to be with us and facilitate the worship team in Sumner.