Dave Rand

Dave Rand

Open Life Worship Lead

Dave Rand is the newest addition to the Open Life team and believe it or not he has been leading worship with us for 5 years already.


Dave Rand will be stepping into this role of Open Life Worship Lead (which means he leads all worship teams for every campus) and brings some amazing experience and ideas to the table as we lead towards the future.

Dave has been at Open Life for the past 5 years as a volunteer worship leader. He came from 5 years of experience as the Lead Worship Pastor of a very large multi-site church in Issaquah. He was ready for a break from the grind of mega-church pace and leadership and has been working at Dillanos (he may or may not have a huge mural of himself as you enter Dillanos) every since, while being refreshed by the pace and culture of Open Life. Feeling the itch to re-engage ministry, Dave was the perfect fit to take the lead for Open Life. We are more than excited for what will come through his leadership.